Central System of Record

Having a central record of truth – a system of record – has propelled the modernization of business processes over centuries, from the notion of “the ledger” in accounting, through ERP, to CRM, to the code repository for a software company. Product management is one of the last business organizations to work with ad hoc records – emails, Office documents, Post-it Notes, and wiki pages.

Not quite – this is a system of tape. We’re looking for a system of record. (CC 2.0 licensed by Dean Terry)

All the inputs to product management are ad hoc and random:

  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Tweets
  • Ideas from the idea management system
  • Phone calls
  • Defects from the defect tracking system
  • Enhancements from the defect tracking system
  • Support requests
  • Executive “suggestions”
  • And so on

These all need to brought into a single repository, and organized so they can be of use.

Simply making the step up to having a “source of truth” for all PM artifacts creates incredible advantages for product managers and their companies. And if the product management system of record actually understands product management processes, and how the different pieces of information interact, then so much the better.

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