Material Genome Project – Can It Help Save America’s Butt?

Carbon Nanotubes

Getting new material and process innovations to market takes too long, according to the U.S. government, and observers everywhere. The new Federal Materials Genome Initiative aims to reduce the time it takes for advanced materials to go from concept to market by a factor of two. Encompassing a variety of mechanisms, including:

  • More extensive use of computer modeling
  • More open sharing of innovation research and development results ("The materials community must embrace open innovation," states the founding report, Renaissance of American Manufacturing)
  • Improved use of today's best engineering tools - that alone could reduce the current process from an average of seven years down to two or three, according to the report

President Obama has proposed $100 million for this project so far - let's hope it's enough:

With China rapidly closing the funding gap for science research and development--Chinese government support for R&D rose to $3 billion in 2011, seven times the level in 1998--the U.S. will need more than its reputation to stay on top.

What new material innovations are you looking forward to seeing in the market in the next ten years? Leave me a comment!

The Material Genome Initiative Puts High-Tech Development On The Fast Track | Fast Company

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